William Doran & Lynley Farris

Designing a more unified, resilient Mid City

Show Notes

William is the founder and Lynley is the creative director of Mid City Studio. Mid City Studio is a not-for-profit, design collaborative whose vision is to create a more unified, resilient, Mid City community around its common geography, history, diversity, and cultural value within the City of Baton Rouge. Through programs like Coffee on the Porch, they're literally bringing the community together.


Mid City Studio

Mid City Studios Facebook

Mid City Studios Instagram

225 Feature

Coffee on the Porch

WHYR Listening Room and Record Shop; first Saturday of the month

WHYR Radio

Mid City Redevelopment Alliance


Superior Grill

Bistro Byronz


Spain Street Park — Spain St. and 22nd

Pit n Peel

Museum of Public Art

Bike Baton Rouge — Wednesday Evenings

Magnolia Cemetery

White Star Market

Square 46

Change by Design by Tim Brown

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Connect with Lynley


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