Tim Johnson

What if we treated our city like a startup?

Show Notes

What if our city put dollars where it would make the most impact? What if we replicated what worked well and killed off what doesn't? What if we leveraged our strengths instead of suppressing them? What if we treated our city like a startup?

Tim Johnson brings a background in business consulting and economic development to the conversation that should not be missed. He's served the Louisiana legislature, started a consulting firm, The TJC Group and hosts the Louisiana Business and Industry Show, putting him in a position to understand the inter-workings of both Louisiana economics as well as Louisiana politics and what it will take to turn this state into the cultural powerhouse that it can be.

We talk about everything from city budgets to city beautification and how we, the citizens of Baton Rouge, can and should play an integral role in moving this city forward.


The TJC Group

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