Sean Rivera

@foodiepatutie and the #TrueCooks of GastreauxNomica

Show Notes

Sean Rivera, AKA Chef "Poochy" Rivera, has brought the world of cooking to the social front lines. With an advertising degree and a passion for the kitchen sciences, Sean began to document his foodie-experiments and sharing the creations of other chefs on Twitter until he had amassed an incredible following of over 100,000.

Now, as one of the pioneers of an underground experimental lab kitchen, GastreauxNomica, Sean and his friends bring a sense of flair and mystery to an industry that Baton Rouge just can't get enough of.


World Food Championships

Maple Street Cafe

Driftwood Cask & Barrel

Jamie Brown

Twitter: @FoodiePatutie

Instagram: @FoodiePatutie

Twitter: @Gastreauxnomica

Facebook: Gastreauxnomica

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