Rodneyna Hart

The Art of Turning the Ordinary into the Remarkable

Show Notes

Rodneyna Hart is the Exhibition Manager at Louisiana Art & Science Museum in Downtown Baton Rouge. She's responsible for tying together amazing pieces of art into cohesive — and sometimes eclectic — exhibits that have an entertaining, educational and philosophical nature.

If you're interested in creative thinking or exploring how art ties into and influences the rest of the world, this episode is a must-listen.

Her foundation in the Baton Rouge workforce has been forged by a rich and varied body of experiences including but not limited to visual arts, retail, service and arts administration. Through the years she has been able to translate these skills in an array of environments that we dive into in this episode.


Baton Rouge Gallery


Gustave Blache III

Jim Carrey Commencement Speech


Favorite Band: Tool

Favorite New Band: Tank and the Bangas

Japanese Heavy Metal Band: Dir En Gray

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