Renee Chatelain x Franz Borghardt

The Full Scoop on Festival Season in Baton Rouge!

Show Notes

Baton Rouge is known world-wide for the culinary and music culture that has marked this capital city for generations. And in recent years, the classic recipes, artists and traditions that have put us in the public eye have evolved to take on a modern twist, pioneered by a new generation of songwriters, chefs, artists and makers.

And we want to show it off! Welcome to festival season in Baton Rouge. Each weekend you can find yourself caught up in the musical rhythms of the Baton Rouge Blues Fest or experiencing a flavorful gumbo of cultural traditions at the Ebb & Flow Festival on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.

In this episode, we have Renee Chatelain, CEO of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, and Franz Borghardt of Geaux Rouge Productions here to talk about our 2018 Festival Season. If you want to know what to do each weekend in April, don't miss out on this episode and check out the links in our show notes for all the info you'll need.


Ebb & Flow Festival

Third Street Songwriter's Festival


Baton Rouge Blues Festival

Mid-City Maker's Market

Baton Rouge Arts Market

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