Raymond Jetson

When it comes to solving our city's problems, we have it all wrong

Show Notes

Pastor Raymond Jetson brings a unique take on problem-solving to our city. Pioneered by Harvard University, a practical method called Adaptive Leadership proposes that we ditch the knight on a white horse approach and truly understand the needs of the people who are affected. From there, it's all about empowering those change agents who are close to the situation and facilitating their solutions rather than throwing your money or manpower at a problem we don't understand.

Raymond Jetson is the Pastor of Star Hill Church and the founder of Metro Morphosis, a non-profit whose mission is to transform urban communities from within. Through this mission the organization seeks to develop and mobilize a critical mass of engaged citizens to design and implement sustainable solutions to persistent community challenges.


Star Hill Church

Metro Morphosis

Urban Leadership Development Initiative

Adaptive Leadership

Urban Congress

Our Schools, Our Excellence

Advanced Leadership Initiative

Better Baton Rouge

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