Rashaud Red

How one high schooler is upsetting generations of bias through a simple Q&A [Part 2]

Show Notes

The I Am MORE Initiative is an effort created by then 17 year old Rashaud Red that aims to save the lives of minority youth and police. What if people knew each other as more than the stereotypes society authors for them? Rashaud demonstrates through his “I Am” initiative that instead of blaming each other in the midst of social turmoil, we can seek instead to develop sustainable programs to know each other before violence breaks out.Rashaud Red fits many profiles. He’s the son of a single working mother, a member of the Beta Club at BATON ROUGE MENTORSHIP ACADEMY, a fan of “American Horror Story” and “Big Bang Theory,” a reader of American literary classics like To Kill A Mockingbird, and a lover of math and history (yes, both!). This young black man is also an agent for change. Just as he fits various profiles, he thinks you do, too, and suggests that progress in our cities begins with knowing each other as more than just one type of person.


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