Racheal Hebert

The Healing Power of "I Believe You"

Show Notes


Racheal Hebert is a community organizer and nonprofit director with experience in a variety of programs, including initiatives involving sexual trauma, violence prevention, crime victims’ rights, and women’s health.

Racheal began working at the 19th Judicial District Attorney’s Rape Crisis Center in 2008, where she was first hired as the volunteer coordinator and community educator. In 2011, she was instrumental in transitioning and rebranding the organization into a 501c3 non-profit, which is now known as STAR®. Racheal was promoted to CEO in 2012, and through her leadership has quadrupled the organization’s staff and annual revenue in three short years – enabling STAR® to serve thousands of community members each year.

Racheal is passionately dedicated to STAR’s mission and vision of supporting survivors of sexual trauma and promoting healthy relationships and awareness in the community.

Speaking of which, I want to give a content warning — this is a heavy conversation dealing with the tragic topic of sexual trauma so if you have sensitive ears around, maybe save this episode for later. But I promise, it's not all dark and heavy — we do talk about the hope, healing and redemption that can be found for survivors of sexual trauma.



Sexual Trauma Hotline: 1-855-435-7827

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