One Hundred Things We Love About Baton Rouge

Show Notes

  1. Blues Fest
  2. Mina Estrada
  3. LTK Crawfish
  4. Stanford Beach and Lakes
  5. Hooper road bike trails
  6. Pastor Jetson and Metromorphosis
  7. Sunsets
  8. Biking the levee
  9. Radio Bar and their terrible parking situation
  10. White Light Nights & Hot Art, Cool Nights by Mid-City Merchants
  11. The canon in the concrete across from Magpie Downtown
  12. Mid-City Makers Market + Red Stick Farmers Market
  13. The glassed-in reading room and rooftop terrace at the Goodwood Library (Meeting Room - free for public use)
  14. District Donuts Vietnamese Coffee
  15. Ebb and Flow Festival
  16. Wing Snack - Sweet Heat wings and Ghetto Punch
  17. Fried Rice at Ed’s Donuts
  18. Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge
  19. Chicken Shack's greasy paper bags
  20. Uptown Climbing
  21. White Star Market
  22. Elsie’s Plate and Pie
  23. Omelette and french toast at Frank’s
  24. LIT Pizza - The Subway of Pizzas
  25. Zeeland St. Market
  26. The Mothership pizza from Red Zeplin
  27. Third Street Singer Songwriters Festival
  28. Bouillababes
  29. The Parlor
  30. Jacked Up Shrimp at Don’s Seafood
  31. The Sweet Tea at Yvette Marie’s
  32. The outside venue at Curbside - Pig Pen
  33. The Brussel Sprouts and Steam Buns at Overpass Merchant
  34. City Pork - The Big Pig and brisket sandwich
  35. Meals at Kenny’s House
  36. Christina Stephens - Writer for the Advocate (
  37. Gordan McKernan Billboards, Flags and Inflatables
  38. Nick Hufft
  39. The dining area at Whole Foods
  40. The pencil in the ceiling of the senate chambers in the State Capital
  41. BREC Parks
  42. Mary Lee’s donuts
  43. Mango’s Beach Volleyball
  44. The stretch of road on South Harrell’s Ferry where the lights make you feel like you’re in an action movie
  45. The people with Christmas lights covering the massive oak tree in a neighborhood off South Harrell's Ferry
  46. The Grand Cinema (now, Celebrity Theaters)
  47. Rouses Market
  48. Fried Okra at Burgersmith
  49. OG food trucks - Curbside, Taco de Paco, Ninja Snowballs
  50. St. Paddy’s Day Parade
  51. Chelsea’s
  52. Walking the Garden District
  53. 13th Gate Escape Rooms
  54. Forward Arts
  55. Alyssa Carson
  56. Maxine Crump
  57. BR Kickball League
  58. All the awards at MESH
  59. David Jones’s hair
  60. Franz Borghardt (Wingamania and Capital City MacFest)
  61. Front Yard Bikes
  62. Curtis Vann (Emprint)
  63. Jolibois Christmas Cards
  64. TogetherBR
  65. Albasha
  66. Albasha Express
  67. Happy’s Running Club
  68. Dang’s Vietnamese - pho
  69. Highland Coffee when school isn’t in session
  70. Overpass at Acadian every time it rains for more than 10 minutes
  71. Community love in times of crisis
  72. Mayor Broome
  73. Fountain at Shaw Center
  74. Walls Project Murals
  75. The spray paint silhouette of a guy who looks just like me on the AC unit by the Jefferson Highway Park Volleyball courts
  76. The Water Institute
  77. USS KIDD
  78. TEDxLSU
  79. Louie’s
  80. Millenials here getting things done - Laura, Kenny, Raina and Sherin, David Jones, Thomas Bros, Jody Johnston, Luke St. John McKnight, Dustin LaFont
  81. Filmmaker friendliness of people and spaces and support
  82. Tech Park
  83. Overgrown Cemeteries
  84. The consistency and reliability of horrible traffic on the bridge and Essen and politicians doing nothing about it
  85. Smoked Boudin - Ronnie’s Boudin on Florida
  86. Bacon kolache from Kolache kitchen
  87. Fireworks on the levee for 4th of July
  88. Baton Rouge Magnet High
  89. Brisket Taco at Rum House
  90. Upstairs Seating Barnes and Noble by the Christian books
  91. 225 Magazine
  92. Rock the Rowe
  93. The conversation that occurs after someone says “You wanna go the Cove?”
  94. The Old State Capitol (castle)
  95. Circa 1857
  96. The people who know all the other people - Melissa Thompson, Renee Chatalain, Lluvia, Rodneyna
  98. Cafe Mimi wings
  99. Coffee Call Beignets
  100. Spencer Callahan Jingle - Spencer Callahan is the one to see, call 387-2323

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