Morgan Kastner

What Does it Mean to Be on a Board?

Show Notes

Morgan is the marketing coordinator for Baton Rouge Area Chamber and Co-Chair of the Barton Leadership Program. Her work in the community with organizations like TEDxLSU and Forum35 have shown a new side of Baton Rouge. A thriving young professional community, an endless number of ways to get involved, serve and give back to the city and, of course, have fun.

In this episode, we also explore the Barton Leadership Program which is a curriculum that focuses on the aspects of leadership development and board governance. If you've had the desire to give back to your community by serving on a board, committee or advisory council, give this episode a listen.


Forum 35

Forum 35’s Barton Leadership Program

  • Kick-off: Networking with Class of 2018 and Alumni – September 25
  • Session 1: October 3
  • Session 2: October 10
  • Session 3: October 17
  • Session 4: October 24
  • Non-profit Meet and Greet: October 30

Baton Rouge Area Chamber


Red Magnolia Theatre Company (I was recently cast in a play with this company)


Instagram (@morgan_dale)

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