We're Shutting Down altBR

Well friends... I guess this is it. At least for our humble show, altBR. It started over a Cracker Barrel breakfast and two years later, we feel like we've built something that mattered. We interviewed over 100 people who are the boots on the ground in Baton Rouge, actively making it a better place. From politicians to chefs, activists to musicians, future astronauts to educators, we've run the gamut of industries, races, religions, passions, ages and educations. Because we wanted this show to be about the city. And we have a diverse city.

After this episode, we'll be releasing five more to finish out the show with a few more incredible folks. We've so enjoyed getting to know our city better and the people who make it home. While we wind down this little side project of ours, we hope that the people and the stories they've told have inspired you to take a closer look at Baton Rouge and see the beauty and the hope that is here.

We'll see you around the city.

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