Mayor Sharon Weston Broome

A New Vision for Our City

Show Notes

Sharon Weston Broome is Baton Rouge's newly elected Mayor-President. She's served our city as a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for District 29 as well as the first African-American woman to be in the Louisiana State Senate.

In our conversation with Mayor Broome, we dig into her story, our collective vision for the city of Baton Rouge, major struggles and obstacles, possible solutions, habits and routines, words of wisdom, her favorite music and so much more.

This episode was recorded the day after Troy Bell was recently appointed as CAO. In light of recent events, that portion of the conversation has been edited out. However, if you're interested in hearing the extended, uncut version of this episode, we're releasing it to our Patreons.


The City of Baton Rouge

The First 100 Days

Millenial Agenda

Transition Reports

Chance the Rapper

Connect with Mayor Broome



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