Matthew Schwartz

How 30 local musicians rallied to support flood victims

Show Notes

Matthew Schwartz is a local musician and half of the band Pacifico with his other half, Ava. He’s part of the collaborative album Fight the Flood that released just last month to help raise funds for victims of the Baton Rouge flood in 2016 as we continue to recover a year later.

In this episode we discuss the inspiration and process that drives his music, the efforts of thirty plus musicians, writers and producers who worked together on the Fight the Flood album and the stories and events that have shaped Matthew’s music from childhood until today.


Fight the Flood (Released August 12, 2017)

Proceeds Benefit the Capital Area United Way and its Flood Relief in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. This album is dedicated to the great state of Louisiana, its brave people, and all who were affected by the flood of 2016. To our families and friends, and everyone who inspired, organized and supported the original #FightTheFloodLA efforts in the Fall of 2016, and those who are supporting these new songs and recordings and who continue to aid those in recovery, we thank you. Never stop fighting the flood.


Album Release Concert at Spanish Moon (Oct. 12)

Legendary Noise Floor

Eva (Matt's wife and second half of Pacifico)

Red Stick Music (Instagram account that shows music playing in BR every day of the week)

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