Kristen Reeves & Sara Moore

Tackling the Tech Industry Gender Gap

Show Notes

Kristen Reeves and Sara Moore were roommates in college. After moving away to pursue a career in I.T., Kristen finally returned home to Baton Rouge where she met back up with Sara who had pursued her own career in environmental sciences. Combining their expertise in the technology and science sectors, they came together to found Louisiana Women in Technology, a community of women promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics to girls, young and old around the Baton Rouge community.

In this episode we explore the importance and impact of women in these traditionally male-dominated fields, what their organization is doing to support and encourage girls to pursue their dreams and how we can better adapt as a city and community to promote gender equality.


Louisiana Women in Technology

I.T. Girls

Engineer I.T.

Rails Girls Baton Rouge

Scratch Programming by M.I.T.



Baton Rouge mini Maker Faire

App Inventor by M.I.T.

Connect Home Initiative

Futures Fund — Casey Phillips (Ep. 8)

STEMup BR — Kim Fossey (Ep. 11)

Kristen's Favorite Book: Red Rising

Sara's Favorite Show: Making a Murder

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