Kenny Nguyen

Dissecting the Success of a 26 Year Old CEO

Show Notes

Kenny Nguyen is the CEO/cofounder of ThreeSixtyEight, a digital experience agency that challenges brands all over the world to embrace their creative confidence.

Prior to ThreeSixtyEight, he founded Big Fish Presentations, a company whose mantra is “turning presentations into experiences.” Kenny and his entrepreneurial tips been featured on TEDx, Hubspot Inbound Conference, General Assembly, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo, Business Insider, Mashable, Huffington Post, and the Washington Post. He was named the 2012 CEO Student Entrepreneur of the Year by Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO).

During his leadership, Big Fish Presentations was recognized as one of the top 50 student-led startups in the world by the Kairos Society and one of Inc. Magazine's "Coolest College Start-Ups of 2012." He has spoken at Google, TEDxLSU, General Assembly, and HubSpot Inbound. He is also a co-author of McGraw-Hill published book The Big Fish Experience: Create Memorable Presentations that Reel in Your Audience.

In this episode we break down what it takes to tell a compelling story, the role story plays in taking your ideas from notes on the back of a napkin to reality and how we can use it to turn bystanders into raving fans. We also dive into Kenny's life to dissect how a 26 year old with aspirations of being a chef turned into an entrepreneur and CEO.

I had a great time sharing my story of growing up as an Asian-American in BR and what I learned during my journey from cooking food, to creating presentations Big Fish Presentations, to digital marketing at Three Sixty Eight. During the interview, I truly started having deeper appreciation for our city and can’t thank you enough for sparking an even stronger fire in me. If you have a great story on how you are helping our city of Baton Rouge grow, please hit those guys up and share.— Kenny Nguyen



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