Kelli Stevens

Knocking on the Door of a Child's Curiosity

Show Notes

Kelli Stevens was in search of a place for her children to learn through play. After a stint working at the Children's Museum of Houston, the Baton Rouge native returned to her hometown wishing that the city offered a place for children to learn and explore.

But of course, the idea took hold and after confirming that there were no other plans for a local children’s museum, she decided to take on the project herself. Along with her friend Clarice Gordon and others that later joined their cause, Kelli worked for 14 years to make her dream a reality. Enter the Knock Knock Children's Museum.

In this episode, we explore the creative ideas, learning zones and unique admission process that ensures children of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the games, interactive displays and experiences of a museum made just for them.


Knock Knock Children's Museum

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Forum 35

Children's Museum of Houston


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