Kathryn Hunter

Reviving the Tactile Art of Letterpress Printing [CROP]

Show Notes

Kathryn Hunter is a fine artist here in Baton Rouge, working in mixed media: paper cutting, relief printing, wool & silk, embroidery, steel, letterpress, drawing, and wax.

In 2003, she started Blackbird Letterpress which specializes in quirky animal stationery, handmade notebooks and cards, and invitations, with a focus on good craftsmanship and good design.

In this episode we explore the interesting role of the traditional letterpress in an age of digital printing, how Kathryn started her business from scratch in the back of her friends' house and the tips and tricks of the trade for designing for letterpress.

This episode was our first live episode, recorded on stage at the CROP conference which is a graphic design conference here in Baton Rouge.


Blackbird Letterpress

Kathryn Hunter - Fine Artist

CROP Conference

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