Jody Johnston

Collaboration is the lifeblood of creativity

Show Notes

Jody Johnston is the founder and creative director at The Parlor, the downtown Baton Rouge co-working and event space that houses local creatives during the day and celebrations of culture and community at night. Originally from Nashville, TN, Jody spent some time in Virginia while going to school during which he became an Instagram celebrity, created a viral video with his friend Ryan Carl, curated a community of other Instagramers, hosted Insta-meets across the country and somehow still managed to graduate with a degree in advertising before coming down to Baton Rouge.

He's since opened multiple creative businesses and thinks of himself as a connector of creatives. With collaboration as his focus, his businesses are built to united creatives, give them opportunities to execute quality work and share their gifts with the world.

You'll leave this conversation with the biggest smile on your face because Jody's genuineness and kindness is contagious.


The Parlor

Create Fridays

Arbor Films



Ryan Carl (Instagram)



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