Jeff Roedel & Jeff Beck

Side Projects that Matter

Show Notes

Jeff Roedel is a Baton Rouge native, formerly with 225 as a writer, director and producer and is now creating video content with the Fast Start program through LED.

Jeff Beck is hailing from Slidell, Louisiana and is a self-proclaimed wilderness leader and brand specialist. The two paired up and created a new project called Wonder South. Wonder South is a community of southern creatives, explorers and makers — anyone willing to create something original and appreciate the natural beauty around us.


Wonder South

WS Instagram

The Journal: Issue No. 1 — Home


Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Fast Start Program

Forge Racing

Amy Alexander


Barndog Mill

Damien Mitchell Design Co.

Futures Fund — Casey Phillips (Ep. 08)

Tank Proof — Thomas Bros

Jeff Roedel's Consuming

The Windup Bird Chronicle

Jeff Beck's Recommendations

The Solace of Open Spaces


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Connect with Jeff Beck



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