Jacob Jolibois

A conversation on social good, redesigning education & emerging tech

Show Notes

In this episode, the Exhibitions Manager for the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum and a previous guest, Rodneyna Hart, turns the tables to interview the voice behind altBR — Jacob Jolibois.

Jacob is the co-founder and host of altBR but this social good podcast is just his passion project. By day, he's the Director of Digital Strategy at MESH, a full-service marketing and advertising agency based in Baton Rouge. He’s worked with both local and national brands to develop strategy and create content across a variety of mediums including websites, mobile apps, social media and email marketing, video, photography and podcasting.

Though it’s often hard to distinguish his work from his play, on his “off-hours” he's authored a couple of books, backpacked across 18 countries, served on a couple of boards, spoken at a variety of creative conferences including Web Summit and CROP, written 300+ blog posts on creative living, built a side project on minimalism and won awards for his family's creative annual Christmas Cards. Oh, and he's training in the art of salsa dancing!


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ARROWS (book)

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Award-Winning Christmas Cards


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