Franz Borghardt

Local Stories from an Uber-Driving, Burger-Flipping Attorney

Show Notes

Franz Borghardt is an associate attorney at the Law Offices of Steven J. Moore. But being an attorney is only his day job. Between courtrooms and law offices, Franz runs the social community, Geaux Rouge, that supports all things Baton Rouge. Helping mobilize the Baton Rouge food scene, he's organized Baton Rouge Brunches for several years and will soon be expanding his ventures away from brunches in the form of a Mid City Mac & Cheese Fest! He's passionate about rallying the local community around the incredible people, places and experiences that making Baton Rouge unique.


In the Art Space

Ben McCarley

Secret Lair Taqueria

Attorney Social Media on FB

Geaux Rouge Website

Baton Rouge Brunches

Brunch For A Cure

Mid City Mac Fest

Perkins Road Burger Fest

Brunching For Greater Baton Rouge

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