Emilie Hebert

Maximizing nutrition without sacrificing flavor (on a budget)

Show Notes

Emilie Hebert is a 21-year-old college student who is constantly in her kitchen. She loves good food and good-for-you food. Because of her love for nutrition without sacrificing good Southern flavor, she started a blog called Emilie Eats back in 2015. It's since garnered a large following of tens of thousands of people.

In this episode we dive into the tactical and nitty gritty of healthy, delicious eating on a budget as well as her journey of starting a popular and profitable blog turned career. How did she balance content creation with homework? How does she eat healthy on a college student's budget? How does she turn plants into something delicious? By the way the answer is always, "roast it." All of these answers and more on this episode.


Emilie Eats

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