Ehab Meselhe, Ph.D.

A Round Table Approach to Ecology (and life)

Show Notes

Ehab Meselhe is the Vice President for Engineering at the Water Institute of the Gulf. With more than 20 years of experience researching coastal wetland hydrology, sediment transport, and computer modeling of coastal wetland and riverine systems. His multi-layered background includes work as an educator, researcher, and practitioner with extensive experience working with academic institutions, government agencies, and the private sector. He helped build the numerical models that provided a foundation for Louisiana’s 2017 Coastal Master Plan.

In this episode, Ehab gives us a primer on flood management systems as it relates to the 2016 flood, his philosophy on compromise as a path to ecological success and peak into Taiwan's revolutionary recycling program, all interspersed with words of wisdom from the field of ecology that, surprisingly, applies to our own lives.


The Water Institute

99% Invisible Podcast: Separation Anxiety (Taiwan's recycling program)


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