Doug Gay

It starts with the music, but it ends with the child

Show Notes

Doug Gay is the owner of Baton Rouge Music Studios, he and his team are training up hundreds of kids, not only to be great musicians, but to be great people. Growing up, Doug hated school — he’ll reiterate that for you in colorful language — but that didn’t stop him from learning all he could about music and passing along that knowledge to the next generation.

Birthed from his childhood in Catholic school to his time on the road, touring, Doug lays out his vision for a music studio that isn’t just a place to learn music, but a place to become a better person.

Baton Rouge Music Studios offer private lessons on a myriad of instruments. Their flagship band program, Young Band Nation, teaches young musicians how to be in a band and perform in restaurants, music venues, and festivals around town including Ebb&Flow, BR Blues Fest, and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Through our amplifi program, we work with individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities, as well as survivors of  trauma, to give them a platform to express themselves through the process of original song writing.


Baton Rouge Music Studios

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