Dianne Hanley & Edgar Cage

Are outdated policies benefitting the wrong people?

Show Notes

This week on altBR, we're in the studio with altBR alum, Dianne Hanley, and Edgar Cage are both involved members of Together Baton Rouge. Together Baton Rouge is a broad-based coalition of congregations and community-based organizations in the Greater Baton Rouge area, with the capacity to address community problems large and small. The coalition has been deliberately formed to cross the lines of race, religion, neighborhood and political affiliation to work on issues affecting families and communities.

In this episode we talk extensively about the Industrial Tax Exemption Policy — also referred to as ITEP — as well as issues such as police reform and food deserts. Definitely an episode you won't want to miss if you're curious about local policy change and social justice.

By way of doing our civid duty, we would like to remind everyone listening about the tax renewal election coming up this week on April 28, 2018.


Together Baton Rouge

Industrial Tax Exemption Policy (ITEP)

Food Access

Monthly Lunches

Tax Election: April 28th (Read BRAC's breakdown of the issues on the ballet)

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