David Jones, II

On Building a Global Community of Creatives

Show Notes

David is the co-founder of Pioneer Collective - half of which is a media marketing & business agency, and the other half is an international creative and entrepreneurial community for millennials, WePioneer.tv.

He's also the lead singer and frontman of Honeyvibe, an indie soul rock band from Baton Rouge, LA, and the founder and president of Honeyvibe Records, an independent music label that manages & represents their band, while also creating experiences and opportunities for other independent musicians worldwide to further their art, passions and goals in a meaningful way.

In this episode, we cover everything from the Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge, to dropping out of college as a Senior, to building a global community of creatives, to how to remain self-aware and grounded in truth and the necessity of pursuing what you know you must do despite the risks involved.

This was hands down the most unscripted and unfiltered opportunity I’ve ever had to share my story & ideas. From the Alton Sterling shooting, to my decision to drop out of LSU, to building a global creative community through Pioneer Collective, these guys came hard with asking me some really thought provoking questions. It was a blast, and I’m honored to have had this opportunity!— David Jones IILinks:

David's personal cell that he shares with the world: +1-504-267-1144

David Jones II

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