Courtney Howells

Behind the Scenes of The Dope Game apparel brand

Show Notes

Courtney is the owner and creator behind the apparel brand, The Dope Game. Getting her start in high school, painting shirts to match her shoes, she began selling the swag to her friends and family. It wasn't long before she was prompted to turn this side hustle into a fully-fledged business.

Ultimately, this isn't about the money or the business — it's about the art. It's about expressing herself in a way that's as natural as breathing - the way she was made to.

In this episode we explore what it was like taking the leap from student to business owner, the daily routines that help her make the most of each day and the philosophies that driver her to keep fearlessly pursuing her dreams.


The Dope Game

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Big Sean

Unlabel by Marc Ecko

“There’s no better teacher than experience.”

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