Chelsea Lynne Murry

"The Return of The Real”

Chelsea Lynne Murry has been writing poetry for quite a while. (She never keeps count.) She is a Jack of all trades. Chelsea is a teacher, basketball coach, poetry writer, world traveler, and vocalist. Chelsea left her hometown of Houma, Louisiana to pursue her degree in education from Southern University and A&M College, where she graduated with her Bachelor's of Music Education and her Master's in Educational Leadership. While pursuing her degree, she met Poetry Slams, and fell in love. After a two year hiatus to grieve and learn to love again, she is finding solace in foreign places. She  was a 2013 and 2016 Women of the World rep and her team was 2017 National Poetry Slam Group Piece Finalists. She is a mother of two four-legged children, LeeLee LeeJohn Lewis and Sir Duke Ellington Murry-Pierre.


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