Celeste Gill

The Science of Food, Eating Local & and cooking for Matthew McConaughey

Show Notes

Celeste Gill is the Director of Food Services at Southside Assisted Living. Joining the community of multi-hyphenated titles, Celeste is a chef and food producer. She has captivated the palates of Pentagon staff, Rosie O’Donnell, Matthew McConaughey, John Edwards, and the casts of numerous blockbuster films. Her skill and perspective have earned accolades that include Chef of the Year from the American Culinary Federation.

In this episode we explore the science of food, how to eat healthy without getting overwhelmed and stories from her time in the military and the Salvation Army that have shaped her into the power-player in the culinary industry that she is today.

"Eat healthier. Open your mind to new food. Eat local."



Cooking Up Louisiana Treasures

Chef Celeste Honey Mustard

Prison — Alcohol Abuse Center

Farmers Market

Ron Sonnier

Southside Gardens

Big Buddy

Community Gardens

Front Yard Bikes (Episode 12)

The Soul Food Project



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