Catherine O'Brien

Podcasting, Progress & Puppies

Show Notes

Having come to Baton Rouge by way of California, Catherine brings an intimate knowledge of the podcasting world, activism and community progress to the show. She shares her story, tips she's learned from producing and hosting her own podcast, how to confidently share your message and how to turn presentations into products.


Branch Out Programs


Toastmasters International

Toastmasters Baton Rouge

Podcast Movement

Friends of the Animal: Dog Adoption House

Tips/Tools for Podcasting:

  • Start by writing down 25 topics you would like to cover
  • Leverage the network of your guests to expand
  • Develop an episode framework that questions and conversation flow can be built around
  • Produce and release content on a consistent schedule

Podcast Recommendations:

Sources for Things Happening in Baton Rouge:

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