Casey Phillips

The 10x10x10x10 Challenge

Show Notes

altBR alumni, Casey Phillips, comes back on the show for Episode 78 to discuss his 10x10x10x10 Challenge!

10% of your time

10% of your net worth

10 new community relationships

10 opportunities for youth

If you're not familiar with Casey Phillips, he serves as the Executive Director for the non-profit, public art organization The Walls Project which he began in 2011. By injecting momentum into the Baton Rouge creative community The Walls Project has rallied artists, activists, and entrepreneurs to participate in public arts projects across the city.

Through his “Entrepreneurial Activism” approach, Casey enables highly motivated individuals and organizations to be catalysts for cultural and social change in their communities.


Volunteer in Public Schools (VIPS)

Futures Fund

The Walls Project

MLK Festival of Service

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