Adam Knapp

Cultivating an Economic Petri Dish of Talent, Innovation & Policy

Show Notes

Adam Knapp is the president and CEO of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.

He previously served as the deputy director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA), economic development advisor to two governors and the policy director for Louisiana Economic Development (LED). Now at BRAC, Adam is leading the charge in their 5-year strategic plan.

In this episode we discuss the four goals of the plan including growing and diversifying the Baton Rouge economy, cultivating the region's talent, transforming the Baton Rouge Area's quality of life and elevating the region's external image. Amidst the topics that seem dense and full of policy jargon, we take a very realistic but optimistic look at Baton Rouge's strengths and weaknesses, it's charm and its unique ability to rank in the top five happiest cities in the US.


Baton Rouge Area Chamber

Michelle Mahaffey

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