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A podcast network focused on progressing social good.

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Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal catalyzes progress in urban communities.

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Drawl is a weekly podcast about Southern poets by Southern poets.

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2016-2018. No longer telling the stories of the folks improving Baton Rouge. But check out our archive.

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The Podfathers

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Legacy Contributors

We want to give a special shoutout to the following people for their contributions on this project:

Taylor Bennett

For encouraging the use MESH's creative space (currently our studio) to pursue passion projects like ours.

Chris Brooks

For donating four microphones so we don't have to keep borrowing them from other people. Such a huge help!


For crafting altBR's optimistic and upbeat theme music. You can check out more of his sounds on his website, jamesedwardsmithwest.com, or his Facebook page, SloMileSwift.


For thoughtfully setting the tone and tambor of the coversation through theme music for the Urban Renewal podcast.

Nick Miner

For designing our beautiful logo that so simply illustrates our mission of giving voice to the people of Baton Rouge.

Laura Siu Nguyen

For being an integral part of the altBR team in the beginning, helping us manage our social media presence, coordinating the Capital City Mac Fest and connecting us with like-minded sponsors.


For being an incredible social media manager for us in 2018.


For creating beautiful simple podcast artwork for Urban Renewal in a pinch.

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